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What can PPM do for Fellow Owners of Rental Property?

Many things. We know from managing properties for small rental property owners that sometimes it gets to be just a little much.  May we assume you may be in the same predicament?

Trying to keep up with all the City codes, Fair Housing, Maintenance, Late night calls, Checking out Apartments, Approving all Necessary Paperwork, Checking Credit Repots and Criminal Reports, paying your mortgage and property tax payments, can sometimes get to be just a little too much. PPM can take all the responsibilities of managing your own property and give you peace of mind and luxury time to do all the things you love and still have the income from your properties coming in each month.

Each owner has different financial goals when they purchase an income property. They may be using it as a tax shelter, to supplement their income, an investment for their children to occupy while attending Iowa State University, or positioning the property to sell. Call Cindy, our Senior Vice President,  (515-232-5718  or 515-226-0000) to discuss your goals and develop a partnership to work toward attaining those goals.

We have been managing properties in the Ames and Des Moines area since 1977. Combined, we manage over 2000 properties.  As the name of our company suggests, we are Professional Property Management, Inc

Let’s start with out Accounting Department. What can they do for you?

  • Make sure all your property related expenses are paid on time to protect your credit with mortgage companies.
  • Send you a monthly statement which includes a balance sheet and income statement, general ledger details.
  • On a weekly basis, our Controller analyzes your property account which generates all the above information for your convenience.
  • Advice on insurance issues.
  • They will always be available for any questions or concerns you may have by e-mail (


  • PPM provides 24/7 emergency maintenance
  • Experienced Maintenance personnel are trained for most maintenance issues. Some major things, we call in our vendors.
  • We take pride in answering most maintenance calls within 24/48 hours.
  • Through surveys and various training, we have found that maintenance is the #1 priority of our residents.
  • Our maintenance team has been trained in Fair Housing and Customer Service. Both of which is a security for our owners.
  • PPM can use our buying power to save money for clients and getting competitive bids.
  • Work closely with the Police Department in Crime Free Housing.

Property Administration:

  • Processing rent payments.
  • Sending out any necessary notices (late rent, lease violations).
  • Resident Relations. It is important to stay on top of any issues that may arise. Also very instrumental with resident retention.
  • Coordinates all painting and carpet replacement.
  • Coordinates turn-over on July 31 This includes scheduling move-out inspections, hiring and training extra help for the 24 hour turn-over.
  • Serving Legal notices
  • Figuring Final Account Statements which includes returning Security Deposits or collecting any money still owed.

Customer Service:

  • An area that we pride ourselves in. We realize that our clients and then, hopefully, residents, are the most important people to our company.  PPM believes when someone enters our door, they should be greeted, made to feel welcome, and directed to the proper person to answer their questions and concerns.  Our friendly receptionists have also been trained extensively in Customer Service and Fair Housing.  PPM works with a diverse population in both Ames and Des Moines.  We believe each person should receive the time, respect and attention they are deserving of.

Now the BIG One—Rental and Rental Consultants:

It is the Rental Consultant Supervisors job to hire, train, and motivate the Rental Team. Their job is to:

  • Take telephone calls and schedule appointments to show available units.
  • Work closely with their client to ascertain their needs and wants.
  • Do all necessary paperwork that goes along with renting a unit.
  • Do reference and criminal check screening.
  • Demonstrate a caring and interested relationship, maintaining this relationship during their residency.
  • Always be cognizant that our main objection will be resident retention.
  • Trained extensively in both Customer Service and Fair Housing as both are used continuously with their clients.

Tax Credit Experience:

  • At one time, PPM managed over 1000 units that were tax credit projects under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. Today, 180 tax credit units are managed by PPM and they do the tax credit compliance on over 675 tax credit units. This is an area the company has developed expertise.
  • Lisa Rosenmeyer, the Compliance Supervisor, has been with the company over 18 years.  She started as an Executive Assistant to the President and then in 1999, was promoted to the Compliance Supervisor.  Lisa is responsible for approvals and denials of all Section 42 units.  She personally reviews and signs off on all initial and recertification files.  Ms. Rosenmeyer is accountable for all annual compliance reports and audits.  She is the person who interacts with the Iowa Finance Authority, contracted owners and investors.  Lisa also spends many hours training, coaching and counseling her compliance staff and resident managers at the sites.
  • Ms. Rosenmeyer holds multiple designations, which include NAHMA/NAHB - Housing Credit Certified Professional – HCCP, Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. - Housing Credit College Diploma, Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. – Site Compliance Specialist (SCS),       Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. - National Compliance Professional - NCP-Executive and Spectrums Seminars Inc. – Certified Credit Compliance Professional – C17P.  Ms. Rosenmeyer has also been a Board Member of the 2003-2004 NCP Membership Group Advisory Board and has spoken at national, state and local conferences.
  • Mr. Denner along with Ms. Rosenmeyer have developed an experienced staff.  Locally, they have received recognition for their expertise and conservatism in the area of tax credits.  The company’s services have been retained by other companies to monitor their compliance.  Their services include reviewing files, completing the paperwork for the certification of tenants, and submitting annual compliance reports.  PPM has over 19 years of experience dealing with compliance and certification issues.

So as you can see, we do it all. And we can and would appreciate doing this for you.  Every owner has different financial goals when they purchase an income property.  They may be using it as a tax shelter, supplementing their income, an investment for their children to occupy while attending ISU or positioning the property to sell.  We can discuss your goals and develop a partnership to reach your goals.  If you have an interest, please contact Cindy Jorgensen, Senior Vice President of PPM. You can e-mail her at or call at either 515-232-5718, our Ames Office, or 515-226-0000, our Des Moines office.    She can expound on all the above information. Give her a call and relieve yourself of all the responsibilities of your Rental Property